Duty Officer

As an emergency response organization, the REDi Healthcare Coalition provides a duty officer to respond to emergencies in the healthcare community. The officer is a rotating Coalition staff member and acts as an emergency point of contact for Coalition partners during, and outside of, normal business hours. The primary functions of the duty officer include:

  • Serving as the HCC emergency point of contact for healthcare partners, local health jurisdictions, emergency management, and other emergency response partners
  • Connecting partners with resources
  • Keeping partners notified and briefed of significant incidents
  • Initiating activation of the HCC response protocols as needed

For full details about the duty officer and the REDi Healthcare Coalition response function, please reference this handout.

Contact Duty Officer

Duty Officer phone number: 509-362-0041  

For questions regarding the use of this number, please contact the Coalition at hcc@srhd.org.       

Situational Awareness Response Process

This response function of the REDi Healthcare Coalition, serving all of eastern Washington, is outlined in the Situational Awareness Response Process. This process has been tested in response to wildfire, windstorm, influenza and other hazards, bringing partners together for a shared awareness of impacts and resources available during an emergency. Partners receive this information via a situation report that combines information regarding status, staffing and resource concerns from a variety of different partners including hospitals, blood centers, dialysis centers, and long-term care facilities. 

While healthcare partners contribute information, these reports are shared with our EMS, emergency management, public health, state and regional partners. This process will continue to improve and be refined based on experience, an expanded Coalition service area and user feedback. 

To learn more about the Situational Awareness Response Process, please refer to this summary document.

A key component of the success of this response, as with all responses, is accurate contact information. Sign up below to contribute to and receive situation reports during an emergency. Think you're already on the list? Check for your agencies name here.

Receive Situation Reports

For those interested in receiving situation reports, please submit three contacts from your organization using this link here.


About WATrac:

WaTrac is communication technology used for efficient and coordinated healthcare information delivery throughout Washington state. It is the only system of its kind in the state and enables users across healthcare disciplines to accurately track the availability of hospital beds, surgical specialists, and facility/agency status. 

REDi HCC coordinates WATrac administration in eastern Washington. To learn more about WATrac, account setup, and troubleshooting visit watrac.org or contact the Coalition at hcc@srhd.org.

WATrac Documents:

WATrac Training Materials:

WATrac Patient Tracking Training Videos & Documents: 

In-Person WATrac Training Offerings 

  • Click here to view our in-person training offerings handout 
Eastern Washington WATrac Advisory Committee
  • Established in November 2018, the WATrac advisory committee provides input and guidance on the operational use of WATrac, Washington State’s information system supporting healthcare response and recovery. 
  • The goal of the committee is to develop consistencies across eastern Washington with WATrac. While each county has different protocols and procedures related to response and recovery – we all have one thing in common, WATrac. As a statewide tool, eastern Washington can capitalize on using the same system for daily activity in the healthcare system, quality improvement in the healthcare sector, and assistance in disasters and emergencies. 

How to participate in the WATrac advisory committee: 

​Need an Agency WATrac Account?

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Please fill out the following information to have an agency account created. A minimum of two contacts are required for WATrac user accounts in order to create an agency account.