Find Your Way

Maybe you’ve noticed, Spokane really is becoming a city of transportation choices. Whether you Find Your Way to walking, biking or busing in our great city, there are growing options and expanding infrastructure to support you.

Campaign Overview

Walking, Biking, Riding, Driving - Spokane is Building for It All

Improved streets are being built to get you safely to your destination by your mode of choice. And the Find Your Way campaign is all about raising your awareness of those choices and their economic and health benefits!

Find Your Way in Spokane to some of these street design features such as:

  • right-sized travel lanes
  • better sidewalk design
  • buffered bike lanes
  • dedicated bus lanes
  • comfortable, accessible and improved bus passenger facilities
  • frequent and safe crossing opportunities
  • median refuge islands
  • improved pedestrian signals
  • curb extensions
  • roundabouts, and more!

*Note: not all transportation projects need all of these features to be considered safe and accessible.

10 pounds

Bicycling or walking for 30 minutes daily burns 700 calories weekly, or, 10 pounds over a year.

15 minutes

Commuting to work or another destination 2 or 3 miles by bicycle takes only 15 minutes, and the complete round-trip satisfies the daily CDC recommendations for daily physical activity.

1,752 stops

The number of bus stops that Spokane Transit Authority (STA) connects our region with.

Watch what is happening in our communities!

Hear the positive responses to these changes and their ability to help us Find Our Way on foot, bike or public transit throughout Spokane!

“Rather than having to walk in the street, now we have a really nice, safe path to walk on.”
What's Happening Spokane?

Check out the City of Spokane projects in the works!

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