Breast, Cervical & Colon Health (BCCHP) For Health Care Providers

We contract with numerous providers throughout a nine county region in Eastern Washington to provide medical services to the clients we serve. This includes clinics, labs, radiology, pharmacies, specialists and hospitals. We welcome those providers not contracted with the program to either refer clients to us for services, or contact us if interested in working with BCCHP.

Summary Overview

BCCHP provides screening and diagnostic services to eligible clients by enrolling eligible clients, authorizing and paying for eligible services provided by our providers. The program also assists clients by providing navigation to help ensure timely follow-up, assistance with barriers to screening, and access to treatment if diagnosed with cancer.


  • Income guidelines effective 1/17/21. Click here for Income Eligibility Tables
  • Colon services on hold until further notice
  • New forms are here. Make sure to download forms from the website to insure you are using the correct ones.
  • MRIs are now covered in certain situations. Please call for more information.
  • Starting in 2019, BCCHP clients must be assessed for lifetime risk of breast & cervical cancer. Providers are asked to review the Risk Assessment Guidance and complete the Risk Assessment Form.

Program Information

  • Program Services
    • Medical – Services that screen for and diagnose breast, cervical and colon cancers. This includes initial screening services, and diagnostics if needed.
    • Assistance for barriers – Interpreters and transportation
    • Access to treatment – Clients diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer are transitioned onto Washington Apple Health for treatment coverage. Clients diagnosed with colon cancer are assisted with referrals for treatment assistance.
  • Eligibility Guide (pdf)
  • Income Eligibility Tables (pdf)
  • Clinical Services (general process, screening and diagnostic services, algorithms)
  • Billing
    • The BCCHP is not insurance, therefore payment for services is directly connected to timely and complete forms and reports.
    • Fee Schedule (pdf)

Clinical Services

General Process:

  • Ensure BCCHP enrollment (through enrollment process or receive authorization number from referring provider).
  • Perform authorized services (document if client agrees to pay for any non-covered services).
  • Complete appropriate form(s) and submit to BCCHP along with any relevant report(s) within 10 days.
  • Refer only to contracted providers for any follow-up services, according to program algorithms/guidelines
  • Pass on authorization number
  • Inform BCCHP of any cancer/pre-cancer diagnosis.

Screening and Diagnostic Services:

Breast Cancer

  • Services include clinical breast exam and mammogram. If needed, follow-up diagnostics (i.e., diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, MRI with approval) and specialist consult may be covered.
  • Transition to Medicaid or referral assistance for treatment.

Cervical Cancer

  • The BCCHP is following the new Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines for women over 40:
    • Pap every 3 years (if previous pap negative and HPV not done)
    • Pap every 5 years (if previous pap negative and previous HPV negative)
  • Services include vaginal exam with pap test. If needed, follow-up diagnostics (i.e., colposcopy) and specialist consult may be covered.
  • Referral assistance for treatment.

Colon Cancer

  • The BCCHP is not able to offer colon screening to
    • Individuals currently experiencing colon symptoms
    • Individuals with G.I. conditions
  • Services include office visit and take-home stool sample test (FOBT or FIT). If positive, contact BCCHP to arrange a colonoscopy. Some individuals with a personal or family history of colon cancer or polyp removal may be eligible to go straight to a colonoscopy.
  • Referral assistance for treatment.


All forms are listed according to appointment type. They can be downloaded, completed electronically and printed. Please submit to BCCHP by either fax or mail.

Cancer Treatment

**NOTICE: If your clinic or provider is not currently contracted for BCCHP services, have the clinic manager call 509.324.1478 to set up the contracting process. Forms received from non-BCCHP contracted facilities, providers, persons or other organizations will not be processed.