Immunizations Required for School

Immunizations Required for School and Child Care Attendance

Several immunizations are required before your child may attend school or child care. Children who are not up-to-date on their immunizations may be required to stay home for an extended period of time (21 days or more) if there is a disease outbreak. Health care clinics get busy during the back-to-school rush. Don’t wait to the last minute to get your child immunized!

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Child Care and Preschool Requirements Charts

School Requirements Charts

Immunization Exemptions

As a parent or guardian, you may choose to exempt your child from one or more of the immunization requirements for school. However, your child may be at risk for disease. Children with exemptions have contributed to disease outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in Spokane County and put your child and people in the community at risk. The Washington State Administrative Code 246-110 allows a health officer to exclude children from school or childcare during an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease if the child has not been fully immunized due to a medical, religious, philosophical, or personal exemption. Immunizations are a safe, effective way to prevent disease! Please take the time to carefully consider your options.

Immunization Exemption Law

On May 10, 2011, Governor Gregoire signed a bill that requires a licensed health care provider to sign the Certificate of Exemption for a parent or guardian to exempt their child from school and child care immunization requirements. The signature verifies that the provider gave the parent or guardian information about the benefits and risks of immunization. A parent or guardian can also turn in a signed letter from a health care provider stating the same information.
A health care provider doesn't need to sign the form for parents or guardians who demonstrate membership in a church or religious group that does not allow a health care provider to provide medical treatment to a child.

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Immunization Outreach for Healthcare Providers

Immunization Outreach for Healthcare Providers

Content designed specifically for healthcare providers regarding immunization outreach and vaccine accountability.

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