Case Information and Data Visualizations

COVID-19 case information for Spokane County is updated Monday through Friday. New case information reported on Saturdays and Sundays is included in Monday's reporting and is reflected in the "New Today" columns of the "Confirmed Cases, Deaths, & Hospitalizations" table. See notes on data reporting processes and definitions below.

Data reporting:
Please note that the data provided here are tentative and subject to change. Due to system delays, we are not able to provide data for the number of tests administered or for positive and/or negative test results in Spokane County. Please visit the Washington State Department of Health website for statewide test reporting. Otherwise, information is current as of 12 p.m. the day reported.

Note on recovered cases:
Recovered cases are defined as those that meet the following criteria: 28 days have passed since symptom onset or date tested, illness did not result in death, not currently hospitalized.

Note on the number of infections:
Public health experts agree that the true number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 greatly exceeds the number of COVID-19 infections that have been laboratory-confirmed. It is very difficult to know exactly how many people in Spokane County have been infected to date since most people with COVID-19 experience mild illness and the ability to get tested is still not widely available.

COVID-19 Cases by ZIP Code

The cases by ZIP code map is updated daily, Monday through Friday. To preserve patient privacy, results for areas where there are 5 or fewer cases are not displayed.