COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance for Non-Healthcare Personnel

For employers and employees, knowing when it’s safe to return to work after having COVID-19 can be difficult. Spokane Regional Health District has developed guidance for non-healthcare personnel to help employers and employees make informed decisions about testing, quarantine or isolation and when it’s appropriate to return to work.

This guidance includes three COVID-19 workplace scenarios for the following situations:

  • An employee has tested positive.
  • An employee suspects they may have COVID-19 or were exposed.
  • An employee has been exposed to an immediate household member with COVID-19.

This document also provides information about return to work practices and work restrictions and provides an overview of a time-based strategy for determining when an employee can return to work. Spokane Regional Health District does not recommend a test-based strategy (requiring two negative tests at least 24 hours apart) for returning to work after COVID-19 infection.

Download the Testing, Quarantine, and Return to Work Guidance document.

Looking for specific guidance for food establishments and taverns? Please visit the COVID-19 Food Establishment Guidance Page.